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third party
fund administration

We accept appointments in the capacity as
Trustee and Curator Bonis to vulnerable clients

We accept appointments in the capacity as Trustee and Curator Bonis to vulnerable clients who receive funds in settlement of delictual claims and are unable to independently administer such large sums.

We understand that it is often difficult for an injured person to accept that they are not considered able to manage their own affairs. We are sympathetic to their feelings and strive to educate and empower these vulnerable individuals to come to terms with the loss of control they may experience. We are committed to enabling clients to attend the recommended treatment, to promote their overall quality of life.

In matters where the Road Accident Fund is involved we also administer the so called RAF undertaking by claiming payment in respect of relevant medical and administration expenses which the RAF is liable for. Often clients also require assistance to manage the assets of a relative who has been diagnosed with a mental condition or disease, and is unable to manage their finances independently.

Prior to the enactment of the Mental Healthcare Act the only, and very expensive, option available to families was approaching the High Court with an application for Curatorship. With the enactment of this Act we are now able to secure the authorisation of the Master of the High Court to manage such vulnerable individual’s finances on their behalf, which must be acknowledged by outside parties like banks and creditors. This authority is obtained by applying for the appointment of an Administrator without incurring excessive legal fees. We are able to facilitate such application process and to educate and assist the appointed Administrator on the practical duties and responsibilities associated with such appointment.